Karla Schenk - Utah Area Director - The Gables Assisted Living
Karla Schenk

Karla Schenk

Gables In-Home Care, Area Director of Utah

Caring for others comes naturally for Karla Schenk as she grew up with a brother with down syndrome. She loved being involved with him and caring for his needs. The Special Olympics had a special place in her heart, and she enjoyed being involved in his activities. It brought happiness not only to her brother, but Karla also. She felt privileged to help care for her brother throughout
his life, and it brought her much satisfaction and joy. Karla was excited to join the Gables in January 2020 after being a full-time caregiver for 7 years, to her son who had been in a devastating accident. After owning her own Hair Salon Business for 30 years, she closed her doors so she could care for her 21-year-old son. The marathon of caring for his needs took several years because he was left almost blind and had completely lost the English Vocabulary. Karla understands the challenging role of a caregiver. She says, “Being a caregiver can be extremely exhausting and I wish I would have known about In-Home Care Services as it would have helped me tremendously.”

Karla is thrilled to be working with the Gables so she can offer these valuable services to others. She shared, “Having some ‘free time’ is so crucial for the caregiver, so they can keep themselves emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy while taking care of their loved one.”

Karla and her son feel honored to have talked at over 80 public functions, inspiring others and giving hope to those going through their own challenges. She knows the importance of having a positive attitude and being able to see the good in all things.


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