Kylie Hebdon

Kylie Hebdon

In-Home Care Manager, Pocatello

Kylie Hebdon joined The Gables in 2015. Ever since she was a little girl she loved to be at her grandparents’ house. She couldn’t wait to get home from school so she could go help grandpa feed the cows and then help grandma cook dinner so they could all watch Wheel of Fortune together. When Kylie was fifteen, her grandpa got sick. The day his appendix burst, they found him on the floor. When they got him up in his bed his first words were, “We have to leave so we can make it to Kylie’s volleyball game.” Kylie shares, “I lost my best friend on August 30th of that year. Before every sports game, I would go to his grave and say a prayer. In December of 2016, I lost my other best friend. “Not a day goes by where I don’t think of my grandparents and the impact they had on my life, to this day they give me the strength to get through any trial that comes my way.”

“When I started working at The Gables I felt at home. I loved going to work so I could see all my residents and staff. I have now been the administrator of the Pocatello Gables for almost 4 years.  I am very blessed to be in this kind of work, making a difference in someone’s life every day. I know this is exactly where I am meant to be in my life.”


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