Quinn Oliver

Quinn Oliver

Maintenance Director

Quinn Oliver joined The Gables in 2014 as the Maintenance Director for our Idaho locations. Quinn is not your typical Maintenance Director. He is well known for his positive attitude, friendly personality, and always going the extra mile to help keep our homes beautiful and safe. Quinn takes the time to visit with our residents and get to know them and their families as he travels from one location to the next. He truly cares for the residents and wants them to feel at home, safe, and loved.

Quinn shares, “I want to express how much The Gables means to me and my family. About 7 years ago I suffered a neck injury that left me unable to work full-time. This was a very difficult, life changing experience for me as I am one who likes to stay busy working. Maintenance is something that I have always loved to do. Two years ago, Gables gave me an opportunity to go back to work. They allowed me to work a few hours a week to start, until I was able to work more hours. Working for The Gables is not just a job. It is much more to me. It’s an opportunity to serve our residents. Some of them even have me on speed dial! I feel that between our residents, their families, and all The Gables’ staff, we are a family. It is a blessing to work for The Gables.”


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