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The Importance of Activities in Assisted Living Facilities

Moving into an assisted living facility can be a difficult transition. Residents need to feel a strong sense of community to know that they are not alone and that other people are in the same situation as them. They also need to feel mentally and physically stimulated to stay content and comfortable. Daily activities and outings are scientifically proven to improve state-of-mind. The happiest residents maintain a healthy quality of life by working with their hands, learning new things, and conversing with others.

Why activities are so important

Studies show that prolonged inactivity can increase the chances of developing serious diseases like cancer, depression, diabetes, hypertension and even premature death. However, stimulating physical activities don’t need to be overly structured. They can be very simple like throwing a ball, knitting, or golfing. Chair yoga is also a great low-impact exercise that improves basic muscle strength and reduces anxiety and stress.

Some physical activities for elders of various mobility levels

The following activities are great for elders with moderate mobility:

  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Dance
  • Doubles Tennis
  • Yoga

Here are some ideas for less mobile folks:

  • Chair yoga
  • Mini-golf
  • Croquet
  • Bowling
  • Tai Chi

Thought-provoking mental activities

Of course, we all need to stay in shape both physically and mentally, especially as we reach advanced ages. Here are some activities that benefit elders’ minds:

  • Writing
  • Music Lessons
  • Card Games
  • Strategy Games
  • Brain-teasers

While it is important to feel a kinship with the other residents, it is also crucial to take regular trips outside the community to meet new people from the local area. If your family member feels cooped up all day, then they could start to feel depressed, which could lead to further health deterioration.

Social activities to help elders socialize

It is a good idea to take regular trips to the local community to allow for a change of scenery and the possibility of socialization with people living outside the assisted living community. Farmers markets, bookstores or malls can provide a welcome break from the potential monotony of assisted living. Some other places for elders to socialize include:

  • Bingo nights
  • Seniors only fitness classes
  • Golf courses
  • Book clubs
  • Antique markets and festivals
  • Gardening clubs

Taking group trips to religious services at churches, temples or mosques can also help seniors connect with others and their spirituality.

Don’t forget to serve the spirit

While mental, social and physical activities are important to overall health, spirituality can also be an important factor in a well-rounded life. Religious traditions can help elders reconnect to their youth and create a positive and comforting outlook that provides a much-needed respite from the daily pains of elder life.

The Gables Family treats your family as part of their own

So with all this in mind, consider choosing The Gables for your assisted living needs as they have years of experience providing quality activities and outings that enrich their residents.

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