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7 Ideas to Make Valentine’s Day Special for Seniors

Valentines isn’t just a day for couples, it’s a holiday that everyone should celebrate. This is a great time to show love and affection to all of your family and friends. This is also a great time to spend some quality time with the older adults in your family.

We have rounded up some fun Valentine’s Day ideas that are sure to make this Valentines a special day for the seniors that you love.

Puzzle Time

There are lots of different types of puzzles you can do to spend quality together. We love this free printable Valentines word search and this free sudoku Valentines printable as well. Solving puzzles is not only fun, but it helps improve memory and reinforce existing connections between our brain cells. The Dollar store is a great place to buy puzzles that you can sit and complete together.

Paper Hearts

Having a festive place can make Valentine’s feel more special. Get some colored paper and spend time together cutting out hearts and hang them around your house. Using scissors for older adults can help with fine motor skills as well as eye-hand coordination.

Chain Garland

In addition to paper hearts, cutting and creating chain garland can be fun too! Cut pink and red colored paper into equal size strips. Interlock them by stapling the ends together and then hang them around the house.

Card Exchange

Organize a casual potluck or coffee social. Ask people to bring little Valentine’s cards and do a festive exchange. It doesn’t have to be expensive or store bought, we found some free adorable printable cards here.


Bingo is a fun game you can play with as few or as many people as you like! You can get free printable cards from Crayola here. Use hershey kisses or valentines candy to mark your spaces!

Stuffed Animals

Consider getting your loved one a stuffed animal. These can make fantastic gifts, especially for someone with dementia. They provide comfort and a nice cuddle buddy.

Be There

Most importantly your time and presence can add much happiness to a day that might have otherwise been lonely.

There are so many ways to bring happiness to hearts of seniors on Valentines Day. If you have any fun ideas on how you plan to spend your Valentine’s Day, we would love to hear about it!

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