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On the southwest outskirts of Pocatello, adjacent to the Riverside Golf Course, you will find The Gables of Pocatello Assisted Living and Memory Care. Located just off of Bannock Highway, at 2805 S Grant Avenue, this is one of the most beautiful assisted living homes in southeastern Idaho. This building has also been recently renovated to increase its elegance and beauty for our wonderful residents. Our residents are our number one priority, and it is important to us to make sure that they are living in the best quality suites as possible. The Gables of Pocatello is exceptional.  We provide southeast Idaho with an amazing assisted living community serving seniors and their families from Pocatello, Chubbuck, Inkom, American Falls, McCammon, Lava Hot Springs, Soda Springs, and other surrounding towns.

We are conveniently located a mile south of Greenway Office Park, just a few minutes from Historic Old Town Pocatello with its business community of banks, doctors, parks, restaurants, pharmacies, and shopping. Pocatello Family Medicine, Portneuf Family Medicine, Community Care, and many other local healthcare providers are also just a short drive from The Gables of Pocatello. We also enjoy the added security of having Portneuf Medical Center nearby.

Pocatello Memory Care Building #1

2805 S Grant Ave
Pocatello, Idaho 83204

Why Choose the Gables Assisted Living?

There are a number of reasons why many Pocatello residents choose the Gables over other facilities in the area. Some of the positive things we commonly hear include the following:
  • Quality of our Staff - From our caretakers to our facility managers, the Gables loves to work with incredible people. We do our best to hire well because we know the quality of our employees directly influences the quality of care our residents receive. Our residents are important to us, so we make sure to hire people who will give them the care that they deserve.
  • Quality of the Facility - Our facilities are beautiful, well-maintained, clean and most importantly they feel like home. We know it can be hard for our residents to be out of their homes so we have designed a wonderful atmosphere that brings the feeling of home to our facilities. We believe that when people feel safe and comfortable they can live happier, more fulfilling lives. It's important to us that our residents experience that feeling while staying at our facilities.
  • Quality of Care - There are a variety of unique advantages that our facilities give but one of them is the size. Our facilities are modestly-sized compared to other assisted living facilities in the area. This creates a wonderful opportunity for our caregivers and other staff members to form close relationships with our residents. We recognize how important it is to make close relationships and connections with others, so the opportunity to create those relationships is something that sets us apart.
  • Safety of the Facility - As people age, everyday safety is a main concern of their loved ones. As a result, we have made the safety and well-being of our residents our top priority. Therefore, we have taken a lot of extra precautions to make our facilities one of the safest around. The entrances and exits of the facility are protected with codes, all of our hallways have handrails to assist our residents as they walk, our bathrooms all have fold away seats to help make hygienic maintenance as easy as possible.
  • Home Cooked Meals - There are few things that can help one feel like they are at home more than a home cooked meal does.Our facility has a lovely kitchen and dining area perfect for creating great meals. We take pride in the meals that we cook for our residents, so that they can feel at home while eating their meals. Once again, we know how important it is to provide a comfortable living environment for our residents. Dining time at our Pocatello facility feels more like being at home than a cafeteria.
  • Variety of Suite Options - This facility is equipped to accommodate our residents in a variety of ways. We know there's no such thing as a standard plan that fits every resident so we are proud to offer a range of suite options for whatever works best for your loved one.

Plenty of Activities

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering placing your loved one in an assisted living facility, you are bound to have questions. If you have any, you should feel free to give us a call. We would love to help you clear up any questions or concerns that you have in regard to putting a loved one into assisted living. Below are also some of the common questions we hear:

What is your facility doing in response to COVID-19?

COVID-19 is very serious and our facility is doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our residents.
  • When we add a new resident to our facilities we place them in a 14 day quarantine
  • Our caretakers and staff members are wearing masks and other personal protection
  • We have limited the amount of non-essential visits to the facility
  • All visitors are screened for wellness before entering the building
  • The building is routinely cleaned and sanitized.

Is Your Facility Able to Help with Memory Care Challenges

This facility provides assisted living arrangements. We do have a sister facility here in Pocatello that specializes in caring for memory care needs: View Our Pocatello Memory Care Facility

What Amenities Do you Offer Your Residents?

We offer a wide variety of amenities to help our residents live healthy and fulfilling lives. All of our suites have a private phone line, cable television, and wi-fi access. We also have beautiful outdoor seating areas and raised bed gardens.

Contact the Best Assisted Living Facility in Pocatello

We know that it is a tough decision when deciding on an assisted living home for a loved one, and we want to help you. Our team is ready to show you around our facility, answer any questions that you may have, and address any concerns. Our facility is not only beautiful but it also helps our current residents feel at home! Come experience it for yourself.
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