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The Gables is committed to helping life become more comfortable and easy for our clients. There comes a time for everyone when you start needing some extra help and attention but many do not want to be put into an assisted living facility. For a large number of individuals, it is important to them to stay in their homes because that is where they feel the most comfortable. If staying in your home is what is best for you, we can help to make that possible. We are able to provide in-home services for you so you do not have to leave your home. We are providing excellent care and compassion from the comfort of your own home.

Available Services

Personal Care

A lot of tasks need to be done on a normal day and as an individual gets older it can become harder to do all of them. At The Gables, we strive to make your day easier so you can use your energy to do things you enjoy. Depending on your needs, there are many different tasks that we can help you with. For some, we will help with food. This would include us doing the grocery shopping and food preparation so there are meals ready to go for the week. We also help with medication to ensure you are taking prescriptions when needed. For some, there may be prescriptions that are crucial for your health so we make sure you are taking those. Another common task that we help with is bathing and personal hygiene. Each individual is different, so we work to find what works for you. We can help as little or as much with tasks to make your days more enjoyable. 


Beyond personal care, part of staying in your home is taking care of your home. We know that over time household chores can add up, and become overwhelming and hard to do. That is why we want to come and take those extra chores that aren’t as enjoyable and do them for you. Things inside the home such as washing, drying, and folding laundry. We can also help with deep cleaning such as scrubbing bathrooms, vacuuming, and mopping. Any chores within the home that you do not want to do or are not able to anymore we will do. We will come on a schedule so you do not have to think about cleaning your home. Helping with these tasks around your home makes it so you can give your time and energy to the things that you enjoy doing. 


For some, one thing they need or want is companionship. Living on your own can be lonely and makes it hard to get social interaction. We know how important it is for each individual to have time with others for their health. Our companionship services are for those that want or need to spend time with others in order to get that social interaction. To ensure you are receiving the companionship needed, we come to your home with the sole purpose of sitting down to have a conversation with you. At The Gables, we want to get to know you and give you something to look forward to. That is why we will create a schedule to come to visit, it can be daily, weekly or however often you choose. This allows you to have social interactions without leaving their home and you will know what to expect each visit. 

Importance of Companionship

At The Gables, we know that as you age it can get harder to get out of the house for more than the errands that need to be done. It can get lonely being home and we know that for many you yearn for more social connections in your life. That is why we provide companionship in our services because it is something that many are wanting in their lives. But there are many benefits that come from social interaction. One of the main ones being it prevents loneliness and allows you to practice your social skills. It gives your brain healthy stimulation and gives you a sense of purpose when you have things to look forward to. It can help with physical health as well to regulate blood pressure and lower your risk for depression. We know that there is a lot of good that can come from companionship and that is why we are passionate about being able to provide that to you. 


How often do you visit your clients?

This will depend on the needs and wants of our clients. Some want us to come once a week for deep cleaning while others want us to come to visit once a day for companionship. 

Do you take health insurance?

Yes, we take health insurance. We will work with your insurance to find the best plan of services for you to keep your costs minimal if any cost at all. 

Can I choose just one in-home service?

You can choose one of the in-home services or all of them. We can work with you to create an optimal plan that fits you and your needs. 

Do you do an initial assessment?

If you are wondering if in-home services are for you, give us a call. We will come and give you a free in-home assessment to see what we could help you with and what is best for you. 

Why Choose The Gables?

At The Gables, we are dedicated to each one of our clients. To give the high-quality care that our clients deserve we carefully pick our team members to ensure that they are well-trained and compassionate. We ensure that all of your needs are being met and can adapt to clients’ needs that may change over time. We strive to create a family-like atmosphere so you feel comfortable as we come into your home. Staying in your home is important to you and we want to ensure that you can stay there by taking care of a few tasks for you. 

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