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The Gables of Pocatello In-Home Care is here for when the time comes that your loved one wants to remain independent in their home but needs a helping hand. Our team of trained care specialists are here to assist your senior loved one so they can remain where they feel the most comfortable, in their own home. Our specialized care will empower your elderly loved one to gain the support they need to feel their sense of independence back in their lives. We provide one-on-one senior care in a safe and familiar environment. 

In-Home Care

There comes a time when many families realize that they need extra help in caring for their senior parents. The Gables takes the stress out of caring for your loved ones with our In-Home care. We offer incredible assisted living and memory care options, however we know many of our clients are simply more comfortable in their own homes. This service can help give your loved ones access to great assistance and care all while not having to be moved elsewhere. There are a couple different umbrellas of service that can be included in your personal care plan as well as endless options that you can add. Here are some different options to consider: 

Companion Care

Our goal is to provide social and emotional support to seniors living alone. Our Companion Care services are designed to help seniors live safe, independent and enriched lives. This is specialized care that can be considered when your loved one is capable of doing the day to day activities themselves but need some extra attention and care. Many of our clients needing companion care are still capable of taking care of themselves but are sometimes forgetful or lonely and need an extra set of eyes or just a friendly face to stop by and check in on them. Living alone increases the risk of depression as well as other health issues among seniors. If your loved one is feeling isolated from family or friends and is desiring more social interaction, increasing in forgetfulness, needing assistance to get to appointments or the grocery store, companion care will help improve their quality of life. Our care providers can bring joy back into your loved ones day to day life with hobbies, social interaction and planned daily activities. 

Personal Care

Our Personal Care services are designed to help seniors with their routine daily living activities such as bathing, eating, personal hygiene, dressing, moving about, using the restroom, medication administration, and whatever else your loved one may need assistance with. We know that losing the ability to do daily activities that once were so easy can be stressful and upsetting. The Gables Personal In-Home care is here to help your loved one to maintain their dignity and be served with compassion. It is also important to your safety and well-being to maintain a clean environment. Clutter and messes can bring about unnecessary stress. We can also provide household chore services such as deep cleaning, organizing and yard work. We want to maintain the level of comfort and happiness that your loved one remembers in their home.

Why Choose the Gables In-Home Care?

When life brings about lots of new and often uncomfortable or painful changes, many people find comfort and peace in familiar places, such as their home. With our In-Home care, we can provide that sense of security by serving you in your home. We are already providing quality care to many around the Pocatello area. That care is happening in the homes of our clients by our trained staff of certified caregivers. There are so many reasons you should choose the Gables as your in-home caregiving team, here are just a few:

Amazing Caretakers

We hire and train great people. Caring for your loved ones is important and should be left to skilled, certified, trained and caring individuals. Not only is knowledge and skill important, but compassion is equally important. Rest assured, we will make sure your loved one feels like their needs and personal well-being is being deeply cared for. You can feel confident that your loved one is in good hands at The Gables.

Incredible Service

There are a number of services we help our clients with. Everything from basic care to household chores. Our services often include the following: assistance with bathing and basic hygienic care, help with basic living activities like meal creation and medication management, care for the home and living environment. If you have any questions about the types of services we provide, feel free to give us a call.

Customized Care Plan Options

There is no such thing as a care plan that is made for everyone. Therefore, we tailor all of our plans to fit the needs of the people we care for. Some of our clients need to be visited more frequently than others. Some need help with different aspects of their lives. We are ready to provide the proper level and frequency of care that best fits the needs of our clients. Your customized care plan will be developed in consultation with family members.

Contact the Pocatello In-Home Caregivers Today

We will gladly help you with a free assessment of your current situation. We do this to help you determine what is going to be the best level of care that you or your loved ones need. Our goal is to care for people and to help them live good, fulfilling lives. Our team is ready to provide incredible care and compassionate service.

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