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All of us will age and go through changes as we age. Some of us will have more challenges physically while others will have more challenges mentally and this usually shows in their memory. For those that are having a hard time with their memory, as it progresses, a time will come when they are not able to live on their own anymore. When that time comes, choose The Gables in Brigham City for their care! Our team is ready to help with any needs they may have. We are able to give excellent care and help them with all of their needs as they navigate through their memory changes. 

Common Memory Care Challenges We Serve

There are many different reasons that one could be experiencing trouble with their memory. Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other memory challenges are common with age. At the Gables, we know people struggling with memory loss requires an extra level of attention and care. We have a facility that will cater to and address the unique needs of our residents. Our facility has taken safety and security measures to make sure the residents are safe at all times. It can be common for residents to wander, and safety is one of our top concerns. Our staff has qualified training and education in memory care so they can deliver care with compassion and handle any situation. Whatever struggle your loved one may be facing, we are happy to help make them comfortable and keep them safe while they are at our facility. 

Services Offered

Those that are dealing with memory challenges may experience a decrease in functionality as they are not able to remember things. At The Gables, we want to make things as easy as possible for our residents. We do this by doing all of the cleanings in their rooms, to ensure they are always in a clean environment. Three meals a day will be prepared for them that will be nutritious and tasty, and no resident will be left feeling hungry. Our team members will be able to help them with their personal hygiene, keep track of events or activities, and have them take their medications. We are able to provide care when it comes to the medical side of their care, but we also want to provide an outlet for their social needs. Our facilities have planned activities that give them the opportunity to get out, socialize with others, and have something to look forward to. We do all of the planning so that our residents can come to the activities that they want to participate in. At The Gables, we want our residents to be able to expend their energy on the things that matter to them. Let us take care of the mundane tasks so they can focus on what brings them joy!

Choosing a Memory Care Facility

At The Gables, we are extremely aware of how important choosing what memory care facility is best for their needs. Making the choice to put them in a memory care facility is not an easy decision. We’re here to make the process as simple and easy of a decision as it possibly can be during a stressful time. Rest assured they will be in a safe, clean environment where they will feel comfortable and be cared for with love. When looking for a facility to choose there can be a lot of options and it may feel overwhelming. There are a few things we heavily recommend that you look for when you have selected a memory care facility they are as follows:

  • Smaller Room Count – Fewer rooms mean that there are not as many residents in the facility. This will often lead to more opportunities for the residents to be cared for on a more personal level. This allows them to create a relationship with those that are caring for them. As relationships are created, they are likely to feel more comfortable in the facility. With few rooms, the residents are able to receive more attention from the staff and get to know the other residents. 
  • Qualified for Memory Care – Not every assisted living facility is well-equipped to care for residents who may be experiencing memory care needs. At our Brigham City Memory Care facility, we have done everything to make our environment safe for residents with memory care needs. We keep our facility safe, clean and protected. All of the exterior doors are locked so that if they tend to wander, they will be safe in our facility. 
  • Proper Training – All of our caretakers are required to complete a rigorous memory care training program to equip them adequately to care for your loved ones. We know that each resident that comes to our facility has a family that puts their trust in us, and we want to be properly educated about our resident’s needs to deliver excellent care. This way each resident is getting the care that they deserve and being treated with compassion as well. 

There can be a lot of things to think about and consider when it comes to a memory care facility but at The Gables, we are able to provide all the things that they may need. 

Why Choose The Gables?

When it comes to those with memory challenges, they need some extra attention. At The Gables, we want to give our residents the attention they deserve. Our team members go through special training to prepare them for the different situations that they may come across. They are ready to give excellent care with compassion and maintain relationships with the residents. Our facility can provide things to look forward to, activities that they enjoy, and the ability to create connections with others in the community. Please contact us with any questions that you have about our facility. Come take a tour of our facility to see what we have to offer to our residents. We want to make life easier for those that are dealing with memory challenges so they can do things that they do enjoy. 

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