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There is no way around the fact that everyone ages. As you age, there are things that you may have to consider changing in your life. One of those things is if moving into an assisted living facility would be a good choice for you. There can be many reasons you are considering an assisted living facility such as being lonely, not maintaining your home, or wanting to ensure that you are getting nutritional meals. Even if there is indeed a need to move into an assisted living facility, it can be hard to leave your home and make the change. At The Gables, we know this can be a difficult decision, so we strive to make it an easy transition. Our team is able to meet the needs of each of our residents and wants them to feel at home away from home at The Gables.

What We Have to Offer

Your life should become easier if you choose to move into an assisted living facility because of all the things that they are there to help you with or offer. At The Gables, we are able to take care of many of the day-to-day tasks that take your time and energy. We take care of the cleaning that needs to be done in your room to ensure that you are living in a clean and healthy environment. Three healthy meals will be served a day that will be nutritional, and on a schedule, so that you always know when your next meal is going to be. There will be planned activities each day and week to keep you busy and give you things to look forward to. We have outdoor settings that are enjoyable to sit in and enjoy the fresh air. We want you to spend your time and energy doing the things that you love. 

Not only will we take away some of the mundane tasks in your life, but our team members are experienced and trained to help you if needed. No matter what needs you have while you are staying at our facility, we will be able to help you. We are able to help you with personal hygiene, and medications, and want to build a relationship with you. We train all of our team members to treat our residents with compassion and give excellent care. We genuinely care about the well-being of our residents and want to help them be happy and enjoy their stay with us. 

Benefits of Assisted Living

Social Interaction

One of the biggest benefits of moving into an assisted living facility is that there are others there that are in a similar stage of life as you are. Previously, you may have been still in your home but there is a good chance that you may have been feeling lonely. We know that if an individual is feeling lonely, that can cause depression, anxiety, poor mobilization, and a decline in health. At The Gables, our facility tries to give our residents many chances to be social to combat loneliness. We strive to create an environment that helps them to create connections and feels comfortable forming relationships with the team members and other residents. That is why we have scheduled activities each day and week. Some activities are consistent, while others change to give variety and let the residents do new things. There are chances for exercising, getting out of the facility, a wide range of activities, or movies on Saturday afternoons. We know the importance of social interaction and encourage it through all of the different chances we give our residents to create relationships.

Physical Health

Naturally, your body is not able to do all of the things that it used to do. But you can help yourself by taking care of your body through physical activity. When you choose to exercise it helps to maintain muscle mass, regulates blood sugar, increases circulation, and maintains bone strength. All of these things can help you be able to get around easier on your own. We provide different ways for you to stay active while you stay at our facility. There are all different kinds of physical activity, it is just important that you choose to move your body. 

Moving your body is important to your physical health, but so is what you put into your body. We have a warm and inviting dining area that allows our residents to eat comfortably while socializing with the other residents. The meals that we choose to serve are nutritious and tasty and will never leave a resident feeling hungry. 


We know that maintaining some independence is important to many of our residents. They may need some help doing things here and there but overall want to be able to do things on their own as well. At The Gables, we create an environment where our residents know that we are willing to help with any of their needs, but they are also able to do things on their own if they are able. You will be able to come and go from your room as you please, go to the activities that are appealing to you, and interact with others that you get along with. We want you to feel that you are still in control, and you are able to make choices for yourself. 

Why The Gables?

At The Gables, we are able to provide a safe environment that is able to cater to all of your needs. Giving you help with mundane tasks, while maintaining your independence and giving you the ability to socialize. Our team members are trained and experienced in providing excellent care with compassion to each of our residents. We care for our residents and want to see them thriving and happy within our facility. Please contact us with any questions that you may have about what we can do for you. We want to feel like your home away from home when you choose to stay with us! 


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The Gables Family Difference

We can’t speak for every assisted living facility, but we do know the time and energy we invest into making our Gables facilities a safe and welcoming place for our residents to thrive. We prioritize creating activities, outings, and schedules that are tailored to our residents to help with their social, mental, and physical needs. Assisted living is a great choice for your loved one’s health as they age.

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