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Brigham City is full of small-town charm that makes this community special. Included in this quaint community of tree-lined streets, you will find The Gables of Brigham City Assisted Living and Memory Care.

Here you can enjoy the comforts of home, while also receiving excellent service and quality care. Our senior living facilities offer personalized care for each individual resident and their specific needs. In order to create an enjoyable environment for our residents, we try to take care of many of the day to day tasks, including cooking three homemade meals for them each day and having preplanned activities for them to participate in. We also have peaceful settings such as our outdoor patios. The Gables of Brigham City Memory Care is the ideal combination of home-like living spaces, excellent care, and amenities to promote our resident’s health and well-being. Mental and physical health is vital, we want our residents to thrive in both to the best of their abilities. It is our goal to consistently meet the personal preferences and needs of each resident while they stay with us. Our hope is they feel like The Gables is a home away from home.

We are regarded as premier assisted living and memory care in Northern Utah because of the relationships our dedicated team has with our residents and their families. Our team members are trained to treat each of our residents with compassion and give excellent care. We want to get to know our residents and maintain relationships with them so they feel comfortable communicating with our team members. Whether that be for personal reasons such as a need or want in their care or just to have uplifting conversations with our staff.  At The Gables, we genuinely care for our residents and want what is best for them. When you enter our warm, comfortable home, you will immediately know there is something special here. 

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Benefits of Assisted Living 

Before making the switch to Assisted Living, it is important to understand some of the benefits that accompany this change of lifestyle. Assisted living can increase both social and physical health in seniors which is very beneficial to their overall health. It can also offer peace of mind to caring family members, who want the very best for their loved ones as they age. Assisted living can be a positive thing for caring family members and your loved ones as they age so they are receiving all the care they need. 

Social Benefits

Especially after living alone for a while, assisted living creates an exciting social environment for seniors to meet other residents, interact with the staff, and participate in fun activities. It’s not uncommon for seniors to become isolated as they age and not able to get out of the house as often as they use to. Many studies have shown that isolation leads to a multitude of issues such as depression, anxiety, poor mobility, poor health, and much more. Assisted living combats this directly, by creating a warm and inviting environment for seniors to create relationships and connections with the people around them.

At The Gables, we pride ourselves on the commitment we have to creating a variety of socially stimulating activities for our residents to enjoy. We understand how important social interaction is in every life stage and how much it influences the quality of life. We prioritize the happiness and health of our residents, and as a result, we create fun things to do with them. Giving out residents many opportunities to get out and socialize with others is one of our top priorities. Whether it be trips to the local zoo, bake-offs, dancing, mini-golf, letter writing, yoga, or other creative activities. We love the memories we have the opportunity to create with our residents!

Physical Benefits

Aging can often bring many physical disadvantages that are out of their control. It is important to counter the natural aging process with physical activity. Remaining active can help regulate blood sugar levels, increase circulation, and improve heart rate! It also helps with maintaining muscle mass, and bone strength and can increase their ability to get around on their own.  Assisted living facilities offer many different opportunities for physical activity, both indoors and outdoors. This can help keep seniors active and prevent some of the natural aging processes that may decrease the quality of their life. We want all of our residents to feel the benefits of continuing to be active and aiding their health.

Physical health isn’t just about movement, though, it’s also about food. Our facility has a beautiful kitchen and dining area perfect for creating delicious meals. We know how important it is to provide a warm and positive living environment for our residents including where they eat their meals. That’s why we create a home-like environment for our dining area so that as our residents eat their meals they can feel comfortable and at home, instead of formal and distant. Gives them the chance to socialize with others eat and enjoy their meals. We also prioritize creating great nutritious meals so that we can offer our residents the nutrition they need in an enjoyable and tasteful way.

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5 Things Residents and Families Love about The Gables of Brigham City

Courtyard- We take pride in our outdoor living spaces just as much as our indoor spaces. We have a large outdoor patio with a grill and plenty of chairs for those summer barbecues with residents and or family that come to visit. Residents are free to enjoy this beautiful outdoor space any time of year. Residents can also help care for the potted plants if they have a desire for gardening and it would be something that brings them joy.

Snack Bar- The Gables of Brigham City serves residents three warm meals every day, but we know that isn’t always enough. Residents are welcome to keep a variety of their favorite snacks in their living quarters, however, we provide a small snack bar that is available 24/7 to our residents. You can rest assured that your loved one will never have to go hungry.

Fun Activities- A link to our activity calendar can be found on our home page under the “activity schedule” tab. We make a consistent, yet diverse schedule of fun things for our residents to do. Activities are meant to stimulate our friends mentally, physically and give neighbors an opportunity to spend time and get to know their fellow residents and staff in a fun environment.

Feels Like Home- Brigham city is a small town rich with history. Most of our residents have lived here for years and also have a strong personal history in this area. We want residents to bring personal items and furniture from home to make their living space feel familiar. We also have carefully planned a beautiful and comfortable facility that does not feel cold like a hospital, but warm like home.

Independence- As much as possible we encourage residents to retain their own independence. We have a well-trained staff that can give any level of care and assistance, but we do not make a habit of taking over daily tasks unless necessity permits. We offer transportation that can be scheduled for residents to do their own shopping, make their own appointments, etc. This plays a huge role in maintaining freedom and autonomy.

Plenty of Activities

The Gables Family Difference

We can’t speak for every assisted living facility, but we do know the time and energy we invest into making our Gables facilities a safe and welcoming place for our residents to thrive. We prioritize creating activities, outings, and schedules that are tailored to our residents to help with their social, mental, and physical needs. Assisted living is a great choice for your loved one’s health as they age.

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