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Best Advice from 30 Wise Residents

We asked our residents here at The Gables, “What Words of Wisdom would you give to us?”

Duane : “Always be fair. If you say you are going to do something you do it.”

June: “Get with it.”

Susan: “Less is more.”

Clara: “Be tough.”

Kathleen: “You can either be a nut or a celebrity. One way or another people will listen to you.”     Lol!!!!

Leo: “God bless the world.”

Cleo:  “Be nice so others will be nice to you.”

Margaret: “I didn’t do it.”

Al: “Take a nap as often as you can.”

Illa: “Being kind is important.”

Margaret: “There is never, not time for ice cream.”

I B: “It’s proper, that if someone needs help, you help them.”

Fred: “Don’t spend more money than you earn. Stay out of debt.”

Dee: “Happiness is serving others, true joy is doing for other people”

Joan: “Stay Busy, be Happy!”

Ruth: “To have a friend, you have to be a friend.”

“Treat everyone like its their last day on earth.”

Jack: “Save your money for your old age.”

Jean: “love everyone and Show It.”

Hugh: “Be Kind to everyone.”

Polly: “Live Life to the Fullest”

Sandy: ” If you don’t know what you’re talking about then keep your mouth shut.” (Oh I love this lol)

Beverly: ” Come live here and have good dinners.”

Fae: “Always be friendly to everyone and willing to help.”

Dale: “Follow your dreams and work hard towards them.”

Mary: “Stay Happy.”

Ken: “Go from one day to the next, live life to the fullest.”

Lorraine: “Work hard and keep families together.”

Linda: “Live a happy life, and live it to the fullest.”

Chuck: “Be yourself.”

Bernice: “Behave yourself.”

Betty: “Don’t collect so many things like I did.”

Mary: “Whatever should be should be.”

Polly: “Spend time with your family, every minute counts

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