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Visitation Activity Form

Be sure to share any answers your get from these questions with family members and attach to your family history for generations to enjoy!  
A Day with ________________________________________________
  1. What name were you given when you were born?
  2. Did you live in the city you were born in very long?  What brought your family there?
  3. Do you know why you were given your name?
  4. Tell me about what your parents and grandparents were like?  Hard Working? Ill or healthy?  Kind or Harsh?
  5. What about your brothers and sisters? Were you close to them?  What did you like most and least about them?
  6. Did you live close to them growing up or when you were raising your family?
  7. What was your home like growing up? Did you move often or have a favorite room?
  8. Did you have a nickname growing up? Who gave it to you?
  9. Throughout your life, did your friends change? Tell me about friends in childhood and friends as an adult.
  10. Did you travel?  Where and why?
  11. What did your first car look like and what happened to it?
  12. What kind of school did you go to growing up? What was your favorite subject in school/high school/college?
  13. Did you serve in the service?
  14. If not, how do you feel about not serving?
  15. What was your first job?
  16. What was your favorite job?
  17. When you were my age, what were you doing?
  18. Did you have a favorite boss or one you could not stand?
  19. What kind of music did you like? What kind of music do you still like?
  20. How did you and your spouse meet?
  21. How did you know you were in love?
  22. What was your first date?
  23. What did you find challenging during the first years of your marriage?
  24. What was your secret for staying together?
  25. What were your children like when they were little? When they were my age?
  26. What were holidays like when you were young?
  27. What would you change about how holidays are celebrated now?  Or do you like them better?
  28. What were some of your hobbies growing up?
  29. What do you enjoy now?
  30. What are your hopes for your family?
  31. What invention shocked you the most?
  32. What is the most important thing you’ve learned during your life?
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