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Common Assisted Living Myth: Always Stuck in the Facility

While we cannot speak for every assisted living facility, we at The Gables pride ourselves in our dedication to planning regular outings. We understand the importance of a change of scenery, fresh air, social interaction and engagement. 

Just because we age does not mean that we stop enjoying things that we used to love. Going to plays, visiting a pumpkin patch, going for drives to watch the sunset, seeing the latest movie, shopping at the hardware or fabric store, etc. None of that has to stop, and it should not stop, simply because you choose to move to an assisted living facility. 

We plan outings for residents that are appropriate for a diverse group of different age and activity levels. 

Health Benefits

One of the reasons we make such an effort to plan trips outside is because of the health benefits that it offers. Whole health is a balance between multiple facets. The following are a few ways that being outside is beneficial. 

Physical Health

One of our previous blog posts talked about the struggles that seniors face when it comes to sleep. Being outside is a natural sleep remedy. The sunlight allows our bodies to distinguish day from night and regulate the internal clock. 

Fresh air can help with: 

  • Digestive health
  • Cleaning the lungs
  • Improving blood pressure
  • Strengthening the immune system

Mental Health

Spending time outside is proven to help with seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Exposure to nature can decrease stress, anxiety, and depression: all of which are commonly associated with senior living facilities and elder life in general, due to the change and uncertainty in senior’s lives. Being outside can also increase confidence by admiring the natural beauty of the world. Seniors who spend more time outdoors have improved quality of life. 

Social Health

Studies show that even as we increase in age and our bodies begin to decline, social health is one of the most lacking aspects of senior health. While it is true that simply stepping out into nature will not increase social health, The Gables always takes small groups on the excursions. 

Small groups are a great way to socialize. Not so many people that it is intimidating and uncomfortable, but enough variety that the residents can engage with multiple of their friends and neighbors. Not to mention, the interaction and quality time with the staff that residents also love! 


When searching for the right assisted living facility for yourself or a loved one, be sure to ask about provided transportation. Not every facility has transportation, and some that have it enforce strict regulations around its use. 

At The Gables we love to use our vans for fun activities with residents. Our vans are wheelchair accessible, so we are able to take a group of people with diverse physical ability. While it is true we cannot fit all of the residents in the van at one time, we do try to rotate to keep things fair. 

On The Road Again

Of course outings are always optional. While we will never force a resident to come with us, we strongly encourage it. We strive to offer a wide variety of excursions to appeal to all different interests. 

Most of The Gables assisted living facility locations are in Idaho and Utah. It is no secret that these areas have long spells of inclement weather. When that is the case, The Gables is still diligent about planning outings that will be warm, safe, and still enjoyable. There are always activities inside the facility, but even during cold weather months, we still make an effort to embark outside of our facility. 

Don’t Take Our Word for it: Here’s the Proof!

Disclaimer: You may look at these pictures and feel envious that our residents go on more exciting outings than you yourself. 

The Gables of Caldwell had a water day on the boat! 

The Gables of Caldwell visited the flower farm and the rose garden. 

The Gables of Caldwell took a trip to the beautiful McCall, Idaho!

The Gables of Brigham City went to the car show, and to the movies. 

The Gables of Idaho Falls went to visit Santa… even though he was nowhere to be found. 

The Gables of Shelley went to Yellowstone National Park! 

They also went to the aquarium…

And to the Eastern Idaho State Fair.

Check out your local Gables Facebook pages for more examples of daily activities, and visit our website for a look at the activities calendar. 


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