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Common Assisted Living Myth: Poor Food

One of the questions we often hear from potential residents and their families is, “How is the food?” Most likely this question comes from a common rumor that the food in elderly care facilities is not good. Luckily, that simply is not the case at The Gables. 

The Gables family knows that food is important because after all, we do eat three meals a day! Enjoying food is an important part of physical and social health as our residents dine and mingle together.

Where does this myth come from? 

There is no way to know exactly where this rumor started, but it is possible it is associated with the negative reputation of hospital food. Nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities are often connected to the hospital and thus can share the same food. 

However, assisted living facilities are in no way connected to hospitals. It’s true that healthcare facilities have a focus on good care for their patients, but the goal of assisted living facilities is to focus on the whole person. We want our residents to be happy and not just healthy. We want The Gables to feel like home. 

Will The Gables accommodate my dietary needs?

A big part of how we strive to make our facilities feel like home is through the food. At The Gables, we provide three home-cooked meals per day to our residents. We offer a variety of foods that are prepared in a beautiful kitchen that you can see in the pictures and videos on our site. 

We can accommodate specific dietary needs ranging from gluten-free to soft food, to food allergies, low sodium, etc. All we ask is that we are given proper notice upon move-in. We are unable to accommodate food preferences if you don’t tell us how to best serve you or your family member. 

Are the meals healthy?

Our goal is for residents to enjoy every meal every day while also catering to their nutritional needs. In addition to our menu, we also provide a salad bar for lunch and dinner. This can be used in addition to a meal, or in place of a meal for a lighter option. 

While we believe health is important and strive to provide nutrient-dense food options, we also know that our elderly residents have earned the right to eat whatever they want. We strive to honor that balance. 

What menu options does The Gables provide?

The kitchen is able to take some requests, and we welcome any feedback.  Most of our facilities also have a snack bar that the residents can access at any time of the day. We know it is unrealistic to think that everyone will like every food option that we provide. At most of our facilities, there is an anytime menu that can be used in place of a meal if what is on the menu does not sound appealing. 

Come see for yourself

Don’t just take our word for it! We are confident that you will be pleased with the food at The Gables, and invite you to schedule a tour to see for yourself. Our staff takes great care in preparing food that is both nutritious and delicious. 

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