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Common Assisted Living Myth: Too Expensive

There may come a time as you age and get older when you will have to make some decisions about your living situation. For some, they may want to stay in their home, and leaving it is not an option. Others may be able to move into a family member’s home where they can be cared for by loved ones. But for many elderly individuals, assisted living is the best option. When you first start to do research on assisted living options, it may feel like an expensive option. But when you really look at the cost of assisted living compared to all the amenities that are available, it is a great option. 

Amenities Included 


When you are staying at an assisted living facility, all of your food is covered in your monthly costs. This means that you will get breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Most of the time they will also provide dessert with dinner and snacks throughout the day to be sure that everyone is getting enough food. Not only are you having to pay directly for the food but this makes it so you don’t have to worry about grocery shopping, meal planning, or making any food. This can save you a lot of time and stress when you are able to just show up for meals. 


If you are staying in an assisted living facility, there will be weekly activities. Some of them may be the same each week such as a movie and popcorn on Saturday nights but some activities may change. Many facilities will also give you a chance to get out of the facility to do activities such as going to a nearby zoo or going on a scenic drive. As the seasons change, there will be different activities to keep you busy and give you something to look forward to. With these types of activities, all you have to do is show up. Everything will be planned for you and there will be team members there to help you. This gives you a chance to socialize without the stress of planning. 


Most individuals would say that they don’t enjoy cleaning. Especially as you age, there are other activities that you would rather put your time and energy into. When you are at an assisted living facility, there will be team members that come into your room to do cleaning for you. They will be sure to clean the room well for you so you can feel comfortable and clean within your own space. Knowing someone will help you with the cleaning of your room makes it so you can focus on other things that you find more joy in. 

Assisted Living is Worth the Cost

Although it may feel that assisted living is too expensive, it does pay for things such as food, activities, and housekeeping. Not only does it take care of those expenses for you but it saves you time and gives you the chance to socialize. Both dont directly translate into a cost but are worth a lot to any individual. Being able to spend your time as you choose and putting your energy into things that bring you happiness is vital as you age. Rather than spending time doing the mundane tasks of each day, you can spend your time with loved ones or friends. Getting older can be lonely, another huge benefit of assisted living is that you are able to make connections with others in the same stage of life as you and create friendships. 

If you are on the search for an assisted living facility, please call us at The Gables to see how we can help you! We are happy to answer any questions you may have. At our facility, we want you to feel that what you spend is worth every penny! We want you to feel at home and that you are able to spend your time doing what you enjoy

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