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Helpful Apps & Websites That Make Caregiving a Little Easier

Being a caregiver for a senior family member can be tough. From keeping medical information, to appointments it can be difficult to keep track of everything. We have found some helpful apps & websites that can help make caregiving a little easier. We hope you find these useful.

  • Losta Helping Hands: This is a free platform if you have more than 1 person helping with your senior care. You can easily set up and share calendars. It also allows for your group to volunteer from everything to providing a meal to covering transportation.
  • Care Zone:  This helpful app makes it easy for family caregivers to store and save important health information. Keep track of medications and get automated medication reminders. This app is available on iOS and Android.
  • Caring Village:  Another great app that can be used to organize and share a senior’s health-related information. The mobile app allows you to store documents, care plans and daily “to do” lists.
  • MyMeds: This is a med-management system that provides real-time access between patients, providers and physicians. You can download the med list and set up dosage reminders.
  • MedMinder: Electronic pill dispensers that work off wireless technology. Depending on the model you choose they can unlock the compartment with timed dosage to alert a family member if a medication is missed.

Do you have an app that you use that you have found helpful when being a caregiver? With the increase in technology we can look forward to new apps and websites to help with making caregiving a little easier. At Gables Assisted Living we work hard to help each resident live their best quality of life. If you are located in Idaho or Utah, call us today to learn more about our service and schedule a private tour!

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