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7 Reasons Assisted Living is The Right Choice

“Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” -Betty Friedan

As Mom and Dad begin to age, their needs are slowly but surely increasing. It can be extremely stressful to make a familial decision on what care can help them best. This stress can be increased by requests from your loved one to not be put in a home. However, what does being “put in a home” truly ensue?

  1. Safe Living Conditions
    Many people will wait until after an accident occurs to consider assisted living for their loved one. Waiting for the stove to be left on, bills to be missed, or a serious slip or fall, could mean you are leaving your loved one at risk. This could be particularly dangerous for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or any other form of progressive memory loss. At The Gables Assisted Living and Memory Care, safety is our top priority. We provide expert medical care while also making any accommodations necessary to provide comfort, safety, and mobility to your loved one. It can be difficult both physically and financially to make home modifications for your loved one’s safety. You can have the peace of mind in knowing the person you love is protected and safe at The Gables Assisted Living and Memory Care.
  2. Physical Activity
    Whether your aging loved one is living alone, with a family member/friend, or at the home of a relative, it can be stressful to account for their health. You want to be sure they are healthy, happy, and safe. Physical activity is necessary for the well being of people of all ages. Being active has also been shown to help those with Alzheimer’s and other progressive memory loss diseases. As told by the Mayo Clinic, physical activity several times a week at 30-60 minutes a time can: help maintain cognitive function and reasoning skills, improve one’s memory, and reduce serious health risks by improving cardiovascular health, strengthening bones and muscles, and reducing stress. At The Gables Assisted Living and Memory Care, we hold daily activities to guarantee fun and exercise for your loved one including dancing, playing games, and weekly walks.
  3. Social Opportunities
    Though family members and friends can dedicate hours of their lives to spend time with their elderly loved one, they could still be suffering from a lack of social activity. Loved ones can sacrifice personal activities, vacations, and even jobs to spend time with their aging relative. When visiting begins to feel like a task, resentment can grow between both your elderly loved one and yourself. At The Gables Assisted Living and Memory Care, we dedicate our time to designing engaging and exciting activities for our residents. Assisted living can be a comfort for your aging loved one. They are surrounded by others their same age who are going through the same things they are. Through group activities and shared common areas, your loved one can develop friendships necessary for their mental/emotional health. Here at The Gables Assisted Living and Memory Care we schedule recurring activities for our residents ranging from nail painting, church services, dancing, shared meal times, common areas, and more, to encourage social activity for all our residents.
  4. Activities of Daily Living
    When family members have careers, friends, other family member, and more activities, it can be hard to find time to visit our aging loved ones. This can leave loved ones with feelings of stress and guilt. Assisted living centers can provide all the help your aging loved one needs daily. The Gables Assisted Living and Memory Care has dedicated, passionate, and experienced medical professionals. Our staff will provide as much, or as little assistance needed in hygiene care, mobility, toileting, and more. When your loved one’s health is looked after, you can maintain your emotional connection with them without the stress of meeting their basic needs.
  5. Meals Made with Love
    In assisted living, your aging loved one is not only receiving delicious food, but food to match their care plan. When memory loss diseases like Alzheimer’s progress, your loved can forget to eat as much as necessary. Using things like a stove, blender, and sharp knives, can be particularly dangerous for aging people. At The Gables Assisted Living and Memory Care, we provide excellent, nutritious, and varied meals for your loved one. We also provide opportunities for your loved one to bake/decorate cookies, with assistance, and other treats, so they still feel a certain level of independence. The Gables Assisted Living and Memory Care provides 3 nutritious meals each day along with snacks.  Assisted living can remove the stress of purchasing groceries, cooking, and knowing consumption ability for your aging loved one.
  6. Housekeeping and Transportation
    Stress can be created for both an aging loved one and a caregiver as abilities and functioning are lost. When one is focusing on the physical and emotional health of their loved one, smaller things can be easily forgotten. Cleaning the bathroom, running dishes, vacuuming, weeding the garden, and watering the plants can add to the pressure of maintaining the quality of life your loved one could once handle alone. Visiting multiple doctor’s appointments, family members, and friends, requires a lot of driving. If your aging loved one is struggling with memory loss, it is likely they are losing the ability to maintain safety while driving as well. Cleaning and scheduled transportation can be taken care of  in assisted living.  At The Gables Assisted Living and Memory Care, we provide help where needed. Our homes guarantee cleanliness and sterilization.
  7. Independence
    Last but certainly not least, assisted living can help your loved one regain a sense of independence. When a person suffering with memory loss diseases like Alzheimer’s begins to lose cognitive functioning, they can feel helpless. The Gables Assisted Living and Memory Care helps seniors care for themselves while also giving them personal choice and a sense of independence in clothing, eating, activities, and friendships. When family members are no longer responsible for all their loved one’s needs, stress can be taken away and relationships can improve. The help assisted living provides can improve the lives of everyone involved in a senior’s overall care.

Caring for your aging loved one can be stressful, scary, and straining on your personal life and relationships. The Gables Assisted Living and Memory Care promises to provide the best medical, physical, emotional, and mental care for your loved while keeping everyone included in their care informed and involved. Assisted living provides a plethora of new opportunities for both the resident and their loved ones. If being “sent to a home” means inclusion in social experiences, tailored activities to personal interest, care from experienced health care professionals, delicious meals, and fun, I wish there was one for every age group!

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