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Christmas Activities For Seniors

The Holidays are such a magical time, no matter your age. Sometimes it can be more difficult to do activities as you get older as you may need more help to get around or assemble materials, but it is important to make an effort to do activities to help spread the holiday cheer for yourself and others around you! We have a great list of activities that seniors can do during the holidays that will be sure to bring joy to them and you as you help them have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. The holidays can be a lonely and difficult time for those who don’t have loved ones to celebrate with them, so make sure the elderly in your life are not lonely this year, and help them with some fun activities this year for Christmas. 

Make Ornaments

Some seniors may live in an assisted living facility and may not have their own tree. This does not mean that ornaments are not for them! They can add their handmade ornaments to the community tree at the care facility they live in, they can give them away as gifts to loved ones, or they can even add their ornaments to a string and hang it as garland around their room. Some ideas for handmade ornaments could include popsicle stick ornaments. You could paint or color the popsicle sticks and arrange them in the shape of a tree or a frame and add your own photo. Another idea could be to gather buttons to add to a felt snowman. All you need to make a felt snowman is some felt and a needle and thread, or hot glue if you prefer that over a needle and thread. Decorate the snowman with buttons, a felt hat, and some ribbon for a scarf! If you are giving an ornament to a family member, they would love to see your face to remember you every year, so adding a photo of your face to any ornament is a great idea.

Door Decorations

Whether you are living at your own home, an apartment, or an assisted living facility, you can always make front door decorations! The craft store has styrofoam circles that you can use to design your own wreath any way you want. You can wrap garland around and add some ribbons, or even simply take a string of lights and wrap them around the foam over and over again to create a fun and simple door wreath. Another idea if you are feeling up to the task is to find some scrap wood and make some front door decorations. Some fun ideas could be a Santa face, a snowman, or even a present box. Prop the painted wood outside your door for a festive and inviting look. Another idea could be to take the wood and write a quote or something that would encourage others to knock and come in to visit with you!

Visits to See Christmas Lights

There is something magical about bright Christmas lights hanging from houses and trees and visiting fun Christmas displays. Sometimes it may be difficult to get out of the house because it is so cold, so you could always stay inside the car and view from your window. Ask around and see if any friends or family are planning to take a drive, and if not, you can make the invitation to them to drive you and your friends while you listen to Christmas music. Don’t forget your hot chocolate in a mug! 

Bake and Decorate Cookies

Whether you love to bake your own sugar cookies or buy them at the store, decorating cookies is sure to help you feel the holiday cheer. Get a group of pals together, maybe someone who might be lonely, and decorate some cookies together. You could even turn it into a competition! Another similar idea is to buy a gingerbread house kit and build it together with a friend. 

Deliver Goodies to Neighbors

Especially if you are living in an assisted living community or an apartment, delivering Christmas treats to your neighbors is simple, as you do not need to walk far at all! If baking is not something you can do, you can even take some pretzels, add a rolo on top, and melt them in the oven for a few minutes, and you have a quick homemade treat that you can deliver!  

Help the seniors in your life this year to feel some holiday joy with these fun activities. Don’t let them be lonely this year. If you are lonely yourself this holiday season, thinking of others is a great way to help you feel some joy this season.

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