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Common Assisted Living Myth: Assisted Living will Decrease My Independence

A primary concern that many seniors have before moving into an assisted living facility is that they will lose their independence. We all know how it feels to finally gain a piece of independence when we first learn how to drive. Additionally, we all know the feeling of independence that comes when we move out of our parent’s house and start to live on our own. As human beings, we thrive on the idea of independence and it’s no different for our senior friends. The idea of giving up independence in order to live in an assisted living facility is a hard sell for anyone. The good news is that this idea of having decreased independence by living in an assisted living facility is just not true. In fact, the opposite may be more correct. The way assisted living facilities are structured actually allows for greater independence for our senior friends by giving them the opportunity for adventure, connection, and safety and security.


Here at The Gables, we want to help take care of you so that you can take care of yourself in new and adventurous ways. We ensure that our residents have opportunities to get out and about by offering convenient transportation, for those who can and cannot drive. We plan outings that bring a sense of excitement and spontaneity to the lives of our residents, tailored to their varying levels of health and mobility. This allows our senior friends to have the independence to experience adventure, something that is more difficult to come by when living by themselves.


Many seniors are concerned about an assisted living facility interfering with their independent social life. The truth is that assisted living communities offer ample opportunities for socialization with the staff, caregivers, and other residents. One of the best ways to create friendship and connection is through participating in activities with those around you. At The Gables, we have daily activities that allow our residents to socialize and connect with those around them. Additionally, we plan outings in the community that allow our senior friends to connect and build friendships with their neighbors in the community. The social opportunities that The Gables provides for our residents may actually increase their independence by giving them more opportunities to socialize. 

Safety and Security

The unfortunate truth is that as we age, we become less independent primarily because of the side effects that come with aging. Whether physical or mental, it can be hard to handle the side effects of aging by yourself. Although many are very capable of doing so, trying to take care of everything by yourself can be exhausting and often lead to mundane and homebound or semi-homebound life. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be your reality. Assisted living facilities are prepared to help you with whatever physical or mental challenges you have. Not to decrease your independence, but to help take a load off of your plate so that you can spend your energy elsewhere. Additionally, millions of people fall in their homes every year, a majority of them being seniors. Having the security of caregivers and other friends living close by to help you when you encounter health issues will help ensure that you are taken care of if any accidents occur. This sense of security and safety an assisted living facility offers can allow our senior friends to focus their energy on other, more meaningful areas of their lives, and increase their independence in that regard.

Independence in Assisted Living

Although it may seem that our senior friends give up their independence when they come to live in assisted living, the opposite is true. As assisted living takes care of our resident’s basic needs of safety and security, they can have the independence to spend their energy enjoying the opportunities for connection and adventure that The Gables assisted living provides. Independence is not measured by how much you can do by yourself, it is measured by the ability you have to live a meaningful life. That’s why we have structured our Gables facilities to provide our residents with opportunities to live a life that is meaningful to them. Contact us to learn more about how you can join our family at The Gables today.

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