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End of Life Care in Assisted Living

End of Life Care in Assisted Living

Reaching the point in your loved ones life when you start thinking of end-of-life care options, such as hospice, can be an overwhelming situation for everyone involved. When living at an assisted living home and your loved one has reached that time in their life, you want the absolute best care for them under these circumstances. In order to provide the best care for residents in assisted living facilities, hospice caregivers can administer end-of-life care within these communities. There are strong philosophies that show how beneficial it is for seniors to age in place and the comfort it brings to them not to be moved for hospice care. 

Hospice Care Services

While there are places that are solely devoted to hospice care, end-of-life care offered at assisting living centers proves to have so many benefits for the residents. As individuals get older, change can be harder to adapt to. When end-of-life care is offered at a senior’s place of residency, it makes for a more comfortable environment and situation than moving to another facility. At The Gables, we can ensure that residents get the care they deserve in a familiar place with the end-of-life care we offer. This care can be days, weeks, or even months and offer a number of beneficial services for those you love. Some of those services include:

  • Regular visits from hospice medical professionals 
  • Pain management support
  • Help with administering and scheduling medications
  • Guidance for emotional and spiritual support
  • Occupational and physical therapy services

Organized Care Plans

In order to provide this unique care within the assisted living center, medical staff will come to the community to offer comfort and professional medical care to those reaching the of their lives. Medical care providers will work in tandem with assisted living staff to organize an impactful care plan. They will work with each other to make sure care is being administered in the most effective way possible. A well thought out care plan will consist of organizing with staff members when treatments and medications will be given, who will take care of the elderly individual throughout the night, and which physicians will be writing the orders. This communication and organization will ensure that the most optimal care is given to the residents receiving these end-of-life services. 

Support for Everyone

In addition to these structured plans, advice and support can also be offered to family members by the hospice staff that come and serve at these facilities. There are many decisions to be made towards the end of someone’s life and family members are directly impacted by that as well as the emotions of their loved ones receiving this end-of-life care. Hospice providers at assisted living facilities can help you navigate these decisions and provide emotional support for the seniors as well as their families. Many people need assistance throughout this complex process and hospice care can cover more than just your elderly loved ones. Having this kind of care offered in the place where your loved one resides gives them the opportunity to be around their familiar place in comfort during this time. Contact The Gables for more information on the end of life we can offer your loved one in our assisted living community today.

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