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How Assisted Living Can Improve and Extend Quality of Life

How Assisted Living Can Improve and Extend Quality of Life

For children of elderly parents and seniors themselves, assisted living is considered a last resort. However, that way of thinking needs to change if you want to extend quality of life. The problem with waiting to move to a care facility is that usually the decision is made once something drastic happens. Don’t wait for a big fall, accident, or other illness to debilitate you or your loved one before deciding to get them proper care! If your loved ones move into an assisted living facility while they are still able to perform some daily tasks, they will retain that independence, form friendships with other residents, and find joy in the activities and other amenities provided at places like The Gables. 

Retain Independence

There are many differences between nursing homes and assisted living facilities. You can read more about that in another blog post here. One of the main differences is that assisted living actually encourages independence. The way this can be accomplished is by having completely private living spaces. It can surely make the pricing a little higher, but it gives the same homey feeling with the same privacy. Our staff can create an individualized care plan so we can be as involved as you need us to be and nothing more. It is a myth that assisted living will decrease independence

Form Friendships

As we age, so do the people around us. When the people we love pass away, it can be difficult to create new relationships. As more and more residents make the decision to move to assisted living before something tragic has happened, there is more time for people still in good health and cognitive ability to create lasting and fulfilling friendships. Special bonds can be formed between residents as well as caregiving staff. Creating new friendships can be very rewarding, even later in life. Not to mention, senior citizens are the elders, they have so much left to offer because they have lived and learned. 

Enjoy Amenities

It takes a lot of different staff members to keep an assisted living running smoothly. The Gables has staff members assigned to specifically plan and execute activities for residents. These activities are strategically chosen to improve the overall health of residents. This includes age-appropriate exercise for physical well-being, but it is so much more than that. Mental exercises can help with cognitive retention, and spending time with others can give elderly people the social interaction that is so lacking for them otherwise. Safe, fun, and convenient activities are a pillar of a good assisted living environment. 

The Purpose of Assisted Living

Assisted living is a fairly new concept. The early 1980’s is when these types of facilities officially started. Times have changed and Americans rarely practice multi-generational living. Because of the financial stress, both parents in a household often have to work to provide and that does not leave time for constant care and attention to aging family members. With research, we have learned that seniors’ health started to suffer because of a lack of social interaction. Loneliness really can be a silent killer. Social health can be directly correlated with mental and emotional health. The purpose of assisted living is to increase and prolong the quality of life in senior citizens. Far from the treatment in a nursing home, assisted living facilities have regularly planned fun activities that are tailored to balanced health for seniors.

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