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Common Assisted Living Myth

Common Assisted Living Myth: My Loved One Will be Forced to Stick to a Schedule

A large concern that many senior citizens have when deciding whether or not assisted living is the right choice for them is feeling as though they will be forced to stick to a certain schedule. This can create a feeling of dread or monotony in people, as they feel as though they do not get a say in the things that they would like to do. However, this myth is far from the truth. Living in an assisted living facility does not mean that one is forced to keep a certain schedule, but rather it gives the freedom to have options and choose what he or she would like to do.

Opportunities to Choose Activities

In assisted living homes, there are many different activities that are scheduled for each day. Each resident has the opportunity to sign up for whichever activity they would like to participate in. It is entirely up to the resident whether or not they want to participate in each activity, and they do not have to participate in the same activity on a weekly basis. If they would like to try out an activity and they find that they do not enjoy it, then there is no need for them to continue participating in the activity.

Choice of Where to Have Meal

Another way in which they can choose the structure of their day is that there is an opportunity for them to choose whether or not they eat their meals with everyone else. There is always an option for residents to eat in their rooms if they are feeling drained from the day. There is no requirement for where the resident must eat their meal, and they will not be forced to eat in the dining room amongst all of the other residents, but rather will have the freedom to choose where they eat, and when they eat the food that is brought to them in their room.

Rest as Needed

As a senior citizen, it is normal for them to become tired more easily after participating in activities or even going about their daily tasks. At The Gables, we understand that and want to make sure that your loved one is getting all of the rest that they need. If a resident is feeling worn out, then they will have the option to go back to their room to rest instead of participating in any sort of activity. They will not be forced to be involved in any sort of activity, especially not if what they need is rest. 


When residents may not want to participate in any of the activities and are tired of being alone in their room, they have the option to socialize with other residents that are in the home. This allows them the freedom to make friends without needing to be involved in all of the events that are happening in the home. Connection and friendship are important to everyone, but especially as we grow older, we want to make sure that your loved one has all of the opportunities to be social.


Although it may seem as though residents of assisted living homes may not get autonomy when deciding their schedule, that is far from the truth. Residents have the ability to control their schedules and choose what they would like to do.

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