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March Activities for Seniors

For many seniors, time can feel like it is going by slowly and that all the days are the same. It is crucial that they feel that there are things that they enjoy and look forward to doing to fill their time. This keeps them motivated in everyday life and gives them purpose! As an assisted living facility, we strive to provide activities that seniors enjoy and will change up their daily routines. Throughout the year there may be times it is easy to come up with activities while other times it can be difficult. For March, here are some activities that could be enjoyable and help keep your seniors busy!

Nature Walks

For most locations, March is the time that the weather starts to get good again. The temperatures start to increase, if there is snow it will be melting and it will start to feel a little like spring. After winter, many seniors may be ready to get outside and get some fresh air. The natural vitamin D that comes from the sun is so beneficial and feels great after being inside all winter long. Being able to get outside for just a few minutes a day can make a big difference in mood and getting excited for all of the beautiful things that spring will bring! 

St. Patricks Celebration

During March, there is St. Patrick’s Day to celebrate Irish culture. This is a great excuse to throw a fun celebration for your seniors to participate in. This celebration could entail lots of themed decorations, fun accessories to wear, music, and some Irish food. Creating some games would be great as well which could be an Irish trivia game, make a Bingo sheet for the holiday, or anything that will get the seniors involved. 

Arts and Crafts Workshop

Being creative is a great way for seniors to use their minds without really realizing it. Holding an arts and crafts workshop that is related to spring would allow many to use their creativity and socialize with others during the workshop. Some ideas you could do are painting, creating flowers, or a flower arrangement class. Another idea that would be for a longer workshop is to have them paint flower pots for them to plant flowers in on another day that month. 

Spring Cleaning Day

It is pretty traditional for people to do some spring cleaning when spring rolls around. After months of being inside for the winter, your space can become rather full of items and since another season has passed there may be items that you don’t need or want anymore. When the weather starts to get warmer, it is not uncommon to get a surge of energy to put towards your space. Seniors may not have as much energy, but it can still be beneficial for them to have a day to declutter their space. Encouraging a cleanout in the spring allows them to feel in control of their space and able to accept new items that they truly want. 

When it comes to activities for seniors, it is important to make a monthly calendar that has activities that they are interested in and look forward to. At our facility, The Gables, we know the importance of socializing and feeling like they have a purpose so we plan activities to reflect that!

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