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Medications In Assisted Living

Assistance With Medications in Assisted Living: Just What The Doctor Ordered!

As we grow older, our bodies may become more dependent on medications to help support our overall health and wellness. Our daily routine may begin to include managing medications, both prescription and over the counter. This can become frustrating and overwhelming for some individuals, especially for the elderly.

Some of the most commonly expressed concerns by seniors regarding managing medications include:

  • Fear of not being able to get to and from the pharmacy to pick up medications
  • Prescription coverage and cost concerns
  • Forgetting to take medication
  • Fear of running out of medications
  • Feeling unsure if they are taking the correct medications
  • Having to work with multiple providers regarding medication needs if seeing more than one doctor
  • Fear of burdening family and friends by asking for assistance with medication needs

These are legitimate concerns that can create constant stress and worry on different levels for those affected. Many elderly individuals share that managing their medications can be too much at times, and are happy to hand this responsibility over to the facility upon moving to an assisted living home. Others may not feel completely comfortable allowing the facility to assist with their medications and prefer to continue managing their medications independently. Most assisted living homes, including our Gables homes, provide different options that can help meet our resident’s medication management needs. While still allowing the residents to remain as involved in this part of their care as they desire and are able to. Family members who have been filling the role of caregiver prior to their loved one moving to assisted living, tend to express relief to learn that the facility is able to provide significant support with medication management.

Assisted Living Homes Are Here To Help

Assisted Living Homes can assist with medication management in the following ways:

  • Pharmacy services through a dedicated long term care pharmacy
  • Daily, and as needed, deliveries made directly to the facility by the pharmacy
  • Bubble-packed medications for each resident that are safely secured in a locked medication cart, only accessible to facility staff.
  • Regular assessments by a licensed nurse include medication reviews
  • Facility staff who can communicate with the pharmacy and prescribing physician(s) to ensure that the resident’s medications are being reviewed by the provider(s) regularly.
  • Certified, specially-trained staff will assist with medications as ordered by the physicians

The goal in our Gables homes is to give our residents, and their loved ones, the gift of peace of mind. Our caring staff can help lighten your load by assisting with medication management for you or your loved one. It is just one of the many ways we can consistently help meet their individual needs each day.

For more information on managing medications in assisted living, please call 208-357-3323 or visit our website at We are ready to help you.

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