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Parkinson’s Caregiver Resources

Parkinson’s is most often associated with tremors. This disease affects the central nervous system which directly impacts body movement. Parkinson’s is very common, and so far has no cure. If someone suffers from Parkinson’s it is likely that they will require an increased amount of care to perform the activities of daily living. 

Because people suffering from Parkinson’s need assistance with almost every aspect of movement depending on the stage of progression, this can put a strain on their caregivers. This page is a list of resources for caregivers in Idaho and Utah that care for those with this progressive disease. Symptoms often start mild and get worse over time.


Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular. Podcasts are a form of digital audio. They range in length anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. These Parkinson’s related podcasts will include information about the disease, information about caring for someone with Parkinson’s, and Podcasts often include interviews with another individual who is qualified in some way to speak on the subject matter. Podcasts can be downloaded to a computer or mobile devices and are almost always free. Podcasts are done as a series, so they will usually have a lot of information and multiple “episodes.”

Podcast by the Parkinson’s Foundation 

Michael J Fox Podcast

Podcast by the Davis Phinney Foundation 

Additional Care

The following are a few care options if you, the caregiver, need a short break, are going on a vacation out of town, or just need additional help caring for your loved one. Caregiver burnout is high because a lot of caregivers do not have the knowledge of where to seek forms of respite care. 

In-Home Care– The Gables has locations all throughout Idaho and offers in-home care.

Short-term Stay– The Gables also offers adult day care or respite short-term stay options.

Support Groups

Support groups are a great resource for caregivers because it allows caregivers a time to learn from and befriend others in similar situations. Support groups typically have a mediator that will direct sessions and that person usually has some insight on the topic as well. Simply being able to verbalize any stresses and burdens that come with caring for someone with Parkinson’s will provide relief and strength to keep going as you receive words of encouragement from other group members. As an experienced caregiver, it is good to continue attending to share what you have learned with less experienced members who may feel overwhelmed. 

Support group locations in Idaho

In-Person Parkinson’s Caregiver Support 

Support group locations in Utah

In-Person Parkinson’s Caregiver Support

Online Forum and Virtual Support Groups

When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, a lot of in-person support groups stopped meeting. A few of those groups continued online and a few of them can be found here. Online forums have become popular as the internet has grown, but the pandemic has also increased activity on these types of pages. An online forum is a discussion board where people can post questions, answers, information, etc. It is essentially an online conversation which is great because you may not have people close by or in your circle with the information that you seek. All of the forums listed below are specific to Parkinson’s disease. 

Parkinson’s Foundation forum

Forum free with email sign-up

First Monday Online Support Group with speakers

Every Thursday Virtual Support for movement disorders

Virtual Group facilitated by a Social Worker

Caregiver Education

Most people caring for someone with Parkinson’s are not trained professionals. Family members often step up to fill this role with little knowledge of how to take care of someone who is suffering. Being a caregiver can be overwhelming because it is mentally, emotionally, and physically taxing and your job is never really done. Below are a few caregiver resources specifically about caring for someone with Parkinson’s as well as a few with general caregiver information that is helpful for anyone in a caregiving role. 

Caregiving PDF

Comprehensive Guide PDF

Articles about Parkinson’s and Caregivers

Parkinson’s Caregiver

Caregiver Resources

About Parkinson’s 

These links have information about Parkinson’s disease itself. In order to be a better caregiver, it is good to know a little of what the person is experiencing, and what is to come. Parkinson’s symptoms typically escalate as the disease progresses, so it can evolve over time. These resources will help you prepare for what is to come and also help you know what symptoms are considered normal and which are possible causes for concern. 

What is Parkinson’s?

National Institute on Aging

Medline Plus

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