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Elderly Care

What is available for Elderly Care?

Different Forms of Care for the Elderly

When considering care for your loved one the options may seem endless. You know that your loved one requires assistance in their day-to-day activities but how much? How often? Where at? With who? Making the best decision for someone you love can seem daunting, especially if you are unfamiliar with all the many different forms care can come in. This guide will cover a wide range of care types and what they usually provide.

  1. In-Home Care

In home health care can be a great option for those who wish to stay in the comfort of their own home. This method of care can be given by either a medical professional who can develop a care plan and deliver medications or skilled caregiver who can assist with the activities of daily living (i.e. bathing, feeding, dressing) Home care is a sound option for those who require only little assistance or even around the clock medical attention. Though prices vary depending upon hours required in assistance, home care is a popular choice among family members and loved ones who don’t wish to add additional changes to an already changing lifestyle. The Gables Assisted Living and Memory Care offers in-home care in addition to our assisted living facilities. Our Personal Care Services include housekeeping, meal preparation, medication reminders, grocery shopping, chore services, laundry, bathing, 24-hour care, and much more. For more information on our In-home care, visit our website.  

  1. Adult Day Social/Health Care

This form of care can be used during the daytime hours when a family member/caregiver is occupied. A combination of meals, activities, and services may be included depending on the provider. The Gables Assisted Living and Memory Care provides hourly care and respite stays. Hourly care can be given during times of a caregiver’s work and they are provided with activities, meals, social interaction, and any needed assistance. We also offer respite care for short-term guests as their caregivers may be traveling for an allotted amount of times. Our hourly care and respite patients are treated equally as part of our family here at The Gables and enjoy the same services our long-term patients do. For more information on our quality hourly care and respite care, visit our website.

  1. Independent Living

Another form of care that can provide social opportunities for seniors who don’t necessarily require medical attention is independent living. These apartment style homes can be provided with security, amenities, social events and more.


  1. Hospice Care

Hospice is a holistic approach to reaching the highest level of comfort for those who are terminally ill. Hospice care is generally provided by most assisted living homes and other business in elderly care. Hospice focuses on the emotional, physical, mental, and social well being of a person and their family during what can be a very challenging time. For more information and a more in depth look at hospice care, take a look at our previous blog post.

  1. Palliative Care

Palliative care is similar to hospice care in its holistic approach. This type of care focuses on easing pain and healing with more natural forms of care. Often palliative care will transition into hospice care.

  1. Assisted Living

Assisted living is a popular choice in elderly care, and not without good reason. If you choose the correct home, your family member/friend can receive more than just medical attention. Assisted living facilities provide a home for your loved one and others, creating a sense of community. At The Gables Assisted Living and Memory Care services include but are not limited to: around-the-clock medical attention from a skilled staff, transportation, laundry, a variety of social events, delicious meals, and more. The Gables Assisted Living and Memory Care not only has a friendly staff to provide all of these services but assists in memory care for those suffering from memory loss disorders as well. Visit this link to explore more about memory care and what it means to us here at The Gable Assisted Living and Memory Care. If an assisted living facility is chosen correctly, you can be sure your loved one is receiving attentive and professional care while also fulfilling their social, mental, and emotional needs.

  1. Skilled Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are private institutions that provide long-term health care and housing, especially for those with serious medical conditions. Nursing homes can provide either private or shared living spaces with around the clock medical care.

After a discussion with your loved one and other family members who may be involved in the decision-making process, it can be easy to feel lost at the vast amount of options in elderly care. Doing thorough research and touring potential living facilities can help you find the place that feels right for your loved one. Analyzing the level of medical attention your loved one may require as well as their emotional, mental, spiritual, and social needs can ease the decision-making process. Most companies that provide one form of care may often provide many other forms. The Gables Assisted Living and Memory Care not only has many assisted living facilities but provides various other forms of care through compassion, qualified staff members, and a passion for caring for others.

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