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OPENING OF MEMORY CARE ROOM Alzheimer’s Awareness North Logan

What a great Alzheimer’s Awareness Community Event!

We had some fantastic speakers!

This is The Gables of North Logan’s Memory Care Room. Residents come in, sit in front of the mirror and brush their hair, there is a rocking chair so they could rock a baby, there are many baskets, full of yarn to roll into balls, blocks, puzzles, rolling pins, and so much more.  Not all memory care residents are the same, so often the caregiver will see what the needs and wants are for each resident each day.  The idea is not just to fill time with these activities, but to help them feel a sense of accomplishment.


Lori Guilles from Encompass Home Health & Hospice

“How to approach someone with Alzheimer’s, safety issues and how to enter their reality.”

Lori talked about approaching someone with Alzheimer’s, she said to come up slowly and straight in front of them, not from the side and take a chance of startling them, Sometimes their vision is not as clear.  She says to talk slow and if you ask a question, ask only one at a time, then wait for an answer, wait 90 seconds if necessary, do not continually ask one question after another. Their mind is still trying to register your first question.

      Lori said, “if you satisfy these, you will have it made”.

 Thirsty. Hungry. Tired. Bored. Bathroom

        She also talked about change in eating habits,  suggesting to put soup in a mug if they are struggling to use utensils, use finger food, or to cut up their food so that it’s easier for them to pick up.  If you were serving mashed potatoes, maybe offer them a baked french fries instead, so they could feed themselves.  Helping them to still be able to do as much for themselves as possible but with assistance if needed.

Dennis Wildman from Sunshine Terrace Foundation

Dennis spoke about ” Family Dynamic & Family Structure”.

Dennis said  “Do not throw questions out too fast”, It makes it confusing when someone with the disease can’t answer fast enough, or answer at all. Dennis also talked about the different sides of the brain that the disease effects, different behaviors, that are shown.  The right side of the brain is functionality and reason or one part can effect your speech, motor skills, etc. He also suggests that each one of us that are caregivers to take 60-90 minutes, 5-6 days a week, to do something for yourself. “Take Care of the Caregiver!”

Tawnie Moss CNA The Gables Assisted Living & Memory Care

Tawnie spoke about the Alzheimer’s Bruise. She lost her mother to the disease just one year ago. This was such a powerful testimony of what this disease does and what a big bruise it can leave.

This was such an amazing opportunity to be able to learn about the Alzheimer’s Disease.


2 thoughts on “OPENING OF MEMORY CARE ROOM Alzheimer’s Awareness North Logan”

  1. Thank you to all for such an informative afternoon, Ithps a lot to hear from others who are having the same issues.
    I lloved your new rooms for Memory awareness,
    Thank’s to everyone for shsring your Thoughts and help for all of us caregivers and our Loved ones?
    LaRae Bowen

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