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Easter Activities for Seniors

Easter Activities for Seniors

As different holidays approach for those that are in assisted living facilities, it can be hard for them. It is important that there are activities planned to give residents something to look forward to, participate in, and enjoy during the holiday season. Easter is not too far away and in order to have organized activities for the residents, it is best to plan ahead of time. A few activities that can exciting and fun for the residents could include any of the following. 

An Easter Egg Hunt

This may be an obvious activity to plan for your seniors, but it is a tradition that many would still enjoy even while in the assisted living facility. There are a lot of ways to make it more than just an Easter egg hunt as well. It could be a public event in that residents are allowed to invite their loved ones, or grandchildren to come to participate in it. As a public event, there could be different activity stations for those that attend to enjoy such as face painting, and decorating sugar cookies, and have space for those in attendance to mingle with one another. This could also be done in the same format for your residents to enjoy with each other. 

Secret Bunny Basket Exchange

Everyone loves to receive some kind of goodies from someone else and is an easy way to get residents involved and excited. It would be similar to a secret Santa, but filling up an easter basket with some goodies to give to another resident. There could be an Easter basket shop within the assisted living facility for residents to come and choose what they would like to put in their basket and give to the resident they were given. This allows them to be creative and feel good about doing something kind for another resident. If the resident’s family members live close by, they could also have the choice to be picked up and taken out to choose with bunny basket items. 

Seniors with Dementia

You may be wondering what activities would be good for those with dementia that may not be able to fully participate in other activities that are put on for Easter in the facility. Here are a couple of ideas that would allow them to participate in Easter activities.

Easter Card Making

Have a station set up that is full of bright-colored paper, markers, crayons, and stickers. This will set them up to let their mind be creative and give them a sense of purpose. It is a mentally stimulating activity and will give them joy knowing they are creating something for a loved one. Once they are done with their cards, it is a great idea to help get the cards mailed out to their intended recipients. 

Paint Eggs

The traditional way of dying eggs can be a bit tricky so instead using watercolor paints and stickers are great options. This allows the residents to feel creative, and use their minds and bodies to paint the eggs how they want. It is not too messy and can be cleaned up rather easily. 

For those in assisted living facilities, holidays can be a difficult time to be away from loved ones. Having activities planned is an easy way to get the residents involved and get them involved with those that are there with them.

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